How to Residential Ground Mount for $2.50/W

November 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Solar


Here’s a budget to follow for residential ground mount projects.

Assumes sandy clay soil. A different strategy is needed for rocky soil.

$0.44/W Modules

$0.22/W Inverter

$0.22/W Racking

$0.12/W Concrete

$0.12/W Balance of System

$0.22/W Equipment Rental

$0.22/W Shipping to Site

$0.22/W Design and Permit Documents

$0.44/W Installation Contractor

$0.28/W Estimated Taxes / Fees

$2.50/W Total


  1. Buy a ~25 module pallet of liquidated monosilicon 72 cell solar modules from a top global manufacturer. I like to track pricing at Jay’s Energy. Using a current 310W pallet gives us 25/24 modules x $0.42/W = $0.44/W + 1 extra module!
  2. Buy a 6kW SMA SunnyBoy with Secure Power-Supply for $1600 on Ebay. $1600/24/310W = $0.22/W. Recommend installing the SPS panel INSIDE the house BEHIND the inverter.
  3. Buy a Schletter FS racking system for 72 cell modules ~$0.22/W. This is a quality, “utility-scale” style rack.
  4. Balance of System Equipment / Concrete Budget = $0.12/W
  5. Shipping budget $0.22/W (ship to site, lift gate, off-loading area required, give racking plenty of lead time)
  6. Equipment rental $0.22/W. Bobcat + Trencher
  7. Design and Permit documents $0.22/W
  8. Installation Contractor $0.44/W 2-3 man crew with with Bobcat/Trencher Experience

Author: John Cromer, instructor

We’re on a mission to reduce system cost and increase production value.