Enrollee Lands 8kW Solar Referral!

November 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Solar


At Community Solar, we’re all about lowering cost and increasing value. In this serendipitous circumstance, we were able to refer an 8kW project lead to our first enrollee in The Glass-Slapper’s Guide to Solar Design  within two weeks of enrollment! Not only did we lower our student’s cost of NABCEP PV recertification, we also increased his local business!

Here’s what happened:

Step 1.

(11 days ago)

Grid City Energy registers as our first NABCEP re-certification enrollee!

Step 2.

(6 days ago)

PROJECT LEAD: Hello everyone. I am thinking of going solar. A year ago a LEASING COMPANY came by and wanted to do a lease deal, but it only offered $80 savings for a whole year, so I turned them down. Recently, a solar installation company came around and offered an option to buy. The system runs around $27,000 and will produce 100% of my power. Do you think BIDDER 1 is a good choice? I live in Suffolk County, NY.  Just wondering what everyone thinks. I am thinking this is too good to pass up but I have no experience in this.

Edit. had BIDDER 2 come by with a 7.6kW running about $27k

Edit 2. Another BIDDER 4 quoted me 28k for a 8.25kw

Installer 1: Seek out a reputable local installer. Major installers can almost never be as cost effective, that goes doubly for BIDDER 1 – who recently rolled out a commission plan to sales reps that will further encourage inflated prices.

Owner 1: Honestly that seems a little pricey to me, that’s $4.90/watt. I paid $25k for a 9 kw system on the west coast. Maybe that’s the market over there, but I’d get another quote or two to compare.

PROJECT LEAD: I’ll have to give them a try then. That’s a huge difference.


(5 days ago)

Installer 2: FYI LEASING COMPANY went bankrupt

PROJECT LEAD: Yea the sales rep from BIDDER 1 worked with LEASING COMPANY.

Owner 2: Man I can’t stress enough to go with a local company that has experience doing installs. Buy LOCAL! I hear to much of out of town companies screwing people over, price wise $$$ and installs. They might be over there because of the rebates, so they know people will buy. Not saying all companies are like this. But buying local is safer.

Owner 3: Just had my 6.84 kW system installed last year (NJ) and I paid $2.70 / watt total. I went with a smaller local company and they did a very clean install – I agree to keep shopping around for a better price. I have my contractors cell phone and when I had a question last month he text me right back with an answer – I’m really happy I went with a local company.

BIDDER 3: We can do a 20 panel Sunpower system for 20k 6.4kw w/ solar edge or a jinko system with solar edge 6.16kw for 14k. Both before tax credits. Direct message me for more information.

Installer 2: Get two or three more quotes, that’s the best way to keep everyone honest. There are plenty of good local installers on Long Island.

PROJECT LEAD: Thank you can you recommend any? I have BIDDER 2 coming Tuesday.
Community.Solar (this is us!): For Long Island, check out Grid City Energy. I would definitely go with a contractor experienced in local installs.
PROJECT LEAD: Thanks, I will try them as well.
Step 3.

Author: John Cromer, instructor

We’re on a mission to reduce system cost and increase production value.