Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class certified for continuing education?

Yes. I am the NABCEP continuing education provider /instructor /course author of the Glass-Slapper’s Guide to Solar Design which is listed here. The 18 hour program contains 12 hours of NABCEP PV JTA and 6 hours of NEC.

Can I just take the battery section?

We have separate quizzes for each 3-6 hour section. You may take the program in any order.  We will issue partial completion certificates upon request, but we hope that you will find value in the entire program – even if you already know everything about solar.

Is the program really free?

Anyone from your team may use our training videos for free. Continuing Education quizzing, hour tracking, and record-keeping costs $189 per person.

Can my engineer, architect, landscape architect etc. take this for continuing education credit?

In most states, we qualify for engineer, architect, and landscape architect continuing education. Our program squarely falls under state’s health, safety, and welfare requirements. We hope you will refer your entire team so we all can start running in the same direction.

What about electrician / contractor / AIA / USGBC etc.?

We are happy to research if we qualify for your state certification. We are not AIA or USGBC certified.

How do I begin?

Register and log into the website. Start taking some classes and feel free to chat with the instructor over the chat widget or through our slack community.  Don’t forget to login to the website so we can track your hours. Pay for the course registration fee when you can. Your procurement officer may also register with the website and pay on your behalf.