• Can I preview the program?
  • What is the program format?
    • The program is online, at your own pace.
    • The program consists of 18 hours of solar, batteries, and NEC code.
    • There is bonus material on community solar transactions that is optional
  • Can I confirm the program is registered with NABCEP?
    • Yes. We are listed here with NABCEP for 100% of PV Installer and PV Technical Sales requirements. Do a ctrl+F search for “community”
  • What are the downsides to your program?
    • We definitely have a residential and small commercial focus. The program does not provide much content for utility-scale solar, aside from our optional community solar bonus footage.


  • How do I get SolarCoin?
    • We offer no term / no obligation SolarCoin registration of your array. Alternately, you can register directly with the SolarCoin Foundation
  • Why should Community.Solar register me?
    • You receive the same SolarCoin no matter if you register with SCF or an affiliate.
    • Register with SCF if you want to manage your own SolarCoin wallet.  Register with us if you are not crypto-savvy.
  • Why should I register with an affiliate?
    • Affiliates can add value to the block-chain while reducing overhead costs of the SCF.
    • We discuss strategy for increasing your SLR value in our Slack community.