When I bought SolarCoin at $0.20, I couldn’t tell if I overpaid or what actually happened. I had to use BitRex and Coinomi  and SolarCoin and something else… all with passwords of lengths I’ve never thought before. Some of the wallets I used are no longer available for download so… it’s a process to get SolarCoin into a SolarCoin wallet without being a solar owner.

If you have need for a Block Chain, it’s a good platform to consider. As a continuing education company, we use the SolarCoin BlockChain to record Certificates of Completion. Our public signature is secured, while allowing third parties to verify our attendees without the need of a login.

Yesterday I put up a Google Form which offered free SolarCoin registration for anyone with a solar array. As a result, I met two solar array owners in Africa, both whom own <1kW solar arrays powering their off-grid AGM rigs. One in Benin, the other in Bloemfontein. Now if you want to buy Renewable Energy Credits from Africa, we can do that.

SolarCoin counts production, a problem in the United States as well as developing countries. Any use for SolarCoin creates an incentive to get this micro-generation data counted.

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