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Solar Power Mississippi

Rural areas are great for off-grid solar power. Meter fees are high and solar is shrinking the grid. Low-income households and greenies with onsite solar face the same problem: the ever-increasing cost of grid connection.  Solar Power Mississippi is based on the premise that 1.5% of Mississippi rate payers consist of people who pay between $150-$240/month for their electricity, and will opt to instead pay between $190-$290/month to go 100% off-grid and see a path-to-ownership down the road. Various financing models help advance the projects to market.

The backstory: Jigar Shah was seeming to have a down in the dumps day about solar. The political side of solar can be tiresome, when all we really want to see is advances made in what should be a cost-effective, pragmatic solution to our energy problem. Let’s cheer Jigar up by showing him big things can happen in the USA solar industry. Check out shop for upcoming community solar products.

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Home Energy Solar Controller

Imagine that solar panels are your lungs, the inverter is your heart, and your blood cells are electrons. With the right brain, eyes, and perhaps a liver, your Frakensolar home could be ready to cut the chord entirely.

We select off-the-shelf, open-sourced components to assemble the best home energy controller based on Raspberry Pi, Zwave+, and SolarCoin platforms.  This one is still under development.

Virtual Solar BitCoin Mining

We broker access to the cheapest electricity in the United States and then off-set your consumption with solar and RECs. Our business model can be used by grid administrators to help stabilize the grid in high cost areas using advanced “solar peaker” techniques to reduce or increase demand on the grid… er… on demand. Basically if you want to do some virtual bitcoin mining in a sustainable fashion, you should become a member before you invest in a rig. Here is a clue to half our business model for passive income.