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Imagine a world of 100% renewable energy.

Since 2008, I’ve taught solar classes to engineers, architects, and construction managers to fill in time between construction projects. Lately, we’ve been targeting the NABCEP community, combining all of our programs into The Glass-Slappers Guide to Solar Design, which meets 100% of most NABCEP PV recertification requirements. If building designers and installers can better understand solar, batteries, code, and other industry topics, we can keep solar installers busy and profitable.

The solar import tariff will kill jobs in our industry, and I think the most job loss will be in the utility sector. These workers could provide construction expertise in the emerging commercial rooftop market. Commercial solar batteries are about to decimate utility “kW” demand revenue. When combined with solar, the technologies are often more cost-effective than when implemented on their own. I am also enthusiastic about residential battery retrofits, which can be a good job for a solar installer needing to go out on their own to find some project work.

Environmental devastation reminds us that we can’t ignore energy policy. When fires, hurricanes, and record temperatures fill the news, it chips away at the number of Americans who think solar is for other people. The upside of climate change is that it reduces the resistance to public demands for distributed renewables to play a larger role in our grid infrastructure. 

The hardest market for solar is where electricity price is low, backfed solar is undervalued, and carbon dumping is treated as a free lunch. We need the public to join the fight against carbon pollution, and so we need to educate the public as to how solar can clean the environment without increasing the price of electricity.  On the other hand, the industry should take a look at these unsubsidized markets to learn about where the market is heading.  Emerging markets will be based on more comprehensive energy management, which can be cost-effective in Mississippi as well as New York or California.

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