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The Glass-Slapper's Guide to Solar Design

Solar – 6 hours
Batteries – 6 hours
Understanding NEC – 6 hours
Design Your Solar Roof – 3 Hours (Bonus)
Community Solar – 3 Hours (Bonus)

First 18 hours registered for 100% NABCEP
PVIP + PVTS Recertification Credit

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The Glass-Slapper's Guide to Solar Design

What Our Customers Say

  • You rock. Thanks for the help.

    Brandon Hoffman
  • Your class saved me both time and money.  I enjoyed the section on commercial sites using batteries with solar to reduce peak demand.  The solar design software parts were also interesting.

    Bill Hennessy, Berks Solar
  • Very informative! Spoke to us directly without reading the slides. However, slides were excellent and merited five to ten minutes discussion each. Very well prepared.

    Electrical Engineer, Lombard IL
  • John puts together one of the industry’s most comprehensive solar design guides.

    Sam Adeyemo, Aurora Solar
  • I really enjoy your courses. Clear and easy to understand, and a great resource of industry info. I especially like that this is up-to-date intel, thanks for sharing the websites too!

    Alissa C, Hawaii’s first NABCEP PV Installer
100% NABCEP Recertification

100% NABCEP Recertification

We are a registered provider of continuing education listed with NABCEP. Our program meets 100% of NABCEP Technical Sales and PV Installer continuing education requirements.

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About the Instructor

Course author John Cromer is an Ivy League mechanical engineer with oil field industry in Texas before “going green” in 2008. He writes and teaches original course material based on field experiences and sound economics. The products and services offered by Community.Solar are a result of the concepts discussed in class. Mr. Cromer is Mississippi’s first NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professional and Master Electrician.

About the Instructor

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